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Wonderful time of the Year

Monday, October 26, 2009
This is the time to explore wineries and the surrounding countryside around Paso Robles. The leaves are starting to turn, the temperatures are growing cooler, and the crowds have diminished. You can drive out to wineries and the attendants will be able to give you more attention and educate you about their wines and brands. Going out into the back country will give you a nice rural experience as well as a chance to see wild deer, turkeys, and other wild life. Out on Naciemento Lake you might even see Bald Eagles as the swoop down to grasp their prey as the waters ripple in the breeze.

So include a beautiful room here at the Adelaide Inn as the center of your retreat at Paso Robles. We will be happy to be your base as you immerse yourself in the wines and sites that are all about Paso Robles.
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